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About Kusters & Bosch

Kusters & Bosch is a fine mechanical company that has been operating since 1990 and has developed into a leading supplier of technically complex products for the high-tech industry. Kusters & Bosch currently employs a team of 30 enthusiastic professionals.

We specialize in the production of precision mechanical components, which are manufactured in a conditioned production environment. The production environment is equipped with various departments, including machining, turning, wire EDM, finishing, assembly, and quality control. This allows Kusters & Bosch to deliver customized products that meet the highest quality standards.

Based in Mierlo, Kusters & Bosch has built an excellent reputation in the high-tech industry over the years. Kusters & Bosch has a long history of providing high-quality products and services to customers in various sectors. By continuously investing in the latest technologies and training its employees, Kusters & Bosch remains at the forefront of the precision engineering industry.

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The history of Kusters & Bosch

Founded in: 1990

Kusters & Bosch was founded in 1990 under the name Precist. For the first eight months, the founders, Tom Kusters and Paul Bosch, combined operations with a job at Philips. Tom Kusters' garage served as a workshop. 

New building: 1995

After purchasing a CNC milling machine, turnover grew steadily and the need for a larger space arose. This was filled by the purchase of a plot on Ambachtweg in Mierlo. At the same time, a new building was constructed here.

Doubling production space: 2007

Growth continued again, and in 2007 the neighbouring premises were purchased, doubling the production space. Thereafter, new investments in training people, machinery and organisation have been made continuously.

Expansion Milling Department: 2018

With the expansion of the milling department, Kusters & Bosch has realised more capacity to better respond to changing customer needs. 

Production conditioned: 2020
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To ensure quality and comply with the standards and regulations governing our industry, it was decided in 2020 to condition its production. This allows Kusters & Bosch to meet the highest hygiene, safety and environmental standards.

Expansion machinery: 2021-2022
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We are constantly improving our services and meeting our customers' growing demand. For this reason, it was decided in 2021 to expand our machine park with 5 new EDMs, 2 additional lathes and a Hermle C32 + RS1 robot.

Expansion of management: 2022
Nieuw directielid

In 2022, Jeroen stepped in as board member and co-owner. This marks an important step for the continuation of Kusters & Bosch. 

Additional production space: 2023

Kusters & Bosch has experienced considerable growth in recent years, and we expect to continue this growth in the future. For this reason, we have decided to purchase new premises that will better suit our needs and allow us to further expand our activities.