Kusters & Bosch

Fijnmechanische Industrie

"For more than 30 years specialized in precision engineering"

Kusters & Bosch is een enthousiaste groep van 30 personen die zich sinds 1990 hebben ontwikkeld van een “conventionele” machinefabriek tot een toeleverancier van technisch complexere producten.

We manufacture these precision mechanical parts for the high-tech industry in our conditioned production environment. This production environment is equipped with departments for machining,
turning, wire EDM, finishing, assembly and quality control.

What we do

Through advanced automation and robotics, we are able to guarantee a high-quality product with a reliable delivery time.

Onze relaties zijn met name te vinden in de: semi-conductorindustrie, machinebouw, verpakkingsindustrie, medische sector, defensie, prototypebouw, voedingsmiddelenindustrie, lichtindustrie en milieutechniek.

Join the Kusters & Bosch team!

As a growing precision engineering company, Kusters & Bosch is constantly looking for talented personnel to join their team. We are looking for people who are passionate about technology and want to use their skills to produce high-quality products for the high-tech industry.

If you are interested in working at Kusters & Bosch and want to contribute to our ongoing success, visit the vacancies page to see what vacancies are currently available and how to apply.