"Specialized in precision engineering
for 25 years"

Since 1990 Kusters & Bosch has developed from a conventional machine factory to a partner for the precision mechanical industry. Where as in the past the products and services were the main focus, nowadays the company has developed in adding value to products and establishing partnerships with clients. Besides supply chain management, special packaging, product engineering and quality control have been added to the business practices.

By robotizing and automation high tech products with reliable delivery times are produced. Our customers can be found in a variety of industries: the semiconductor industry, engineering, packing industry, medical sector, defence, prototyping , food r, lighingt and environmental.

"Kusters and Bosch strives to be a flexible, customer-oriented organization, specialising in “fabrication and the assembly of metal- and plastic products".

Kusters & Bosch is determined to fully satisfy its customers needs and to continually improve itself to become an excellent supplier and partner. Hereby we strive to create continuous employment.

Certified Supplier
Kusters & Bosch is certified according to ISO 9001-2015 quality management and ISO 14001-2015 environmental management.