"Specialized in precision engineering
for 25 years"

Fabrication / proceedings

- CNC Turning, powered tooling - max. diameter: 250.
- CNC Milling, 5 axis - max. size: 800 x 800 x 550.

Variant specs: please contact us.
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The final steps in production, such as: deburring, cleaning, inspection and packaging will be done in house by our finishing department. Product assembly is also possible.

Control function
Kusters and Bosch is also the right partner for fully outsourcing your (complex) product. The missing in house production steps will be done by selected external company partners. In these you get 1 contact person, minimal logistic costs and 1 invoice.

Not only can we produce a product to your specifications but our programming department can also help you by choosing the right production methods, design choices, etc. We have a several software applications such as: Inventor, Hypermill.

Complete packaging to your specification is also possible. Our own transport allows us to deliver at your address, by arrangemant.